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Why Choose Astria Compliance Group?


Sue brings 29 years gaming experience working in the government, manufacturing, and operations sectors.  During this time Sue has cultivated an excellent reputation not only in multiple jurisdictions in the United States but also internationally.  When your compliance issues make you feel like you are in the middle of a storm, we can guide you through it.

Personal Attention

At Astria Compliance Group we treat each client as if YOU ARE OUR ONLY CLIENT.  We understand that in certain situations time is of the essence.  We will strive to meet your requests and needs in a prompt and professional manner.  We will never be far away and always available until the assignment is completed.

Ability to Get Results

ACG is committed to making sure we get the desired results for you everytime.  No matter how complex or difficult the task is, we will work tirelessly for your organization to complete the project the right way the first time.  No matter what obsticals are presented along the way, Astria Compliance Group will be there for you every step of the way.


At Astria we are acutely aware of financial constraints that 2020 and beyond has brought on business.  We have the advantage of eliminating the overhead that other firms pass onto their clients.  We bring these savings to you without sacrificing any of the services and qualities one would expect from a compliance organization.

The Bottom Line

Astria Compliance Group will bridge your problems to our solutions with innovating and unique ideas that will address each and every one of your company's needs.  We will guide you through the storm to give your compliance issues and you the confidence and peace of mind like the rising of the sun on a new day.